DAAWO: Booliiska federalka Itoobiya oo qabtay 10 milyan oo doolar iyo hub

Ethiopian Federal police says it seized US $10 million as it was about to leave Ethiopia.

According to a report by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), the cash was caught as a result of coordination between federal Police, National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), Addis Ababa police, Oromia region police and members of the public.

EBC also cited Federal police commissioner,Zeynu Jemal, to report that over one thousand individual and group weapons were seized in the last few days. The federal police further claimed that it has made an arrest in connection with the seizure but did not disclose the names of suspects at this writing.

Police authorities seem to believe that cash and weapons they caught has something to do with an organized move to create instability and economic crisis in the country.