Ismail Omar Guelleh's family shifts up a gear on car dealerships

The presidential family is becoming a leading player in the sale of vehicles and is looking to squeeze out its rivals.


Nazli Abdallah Kamil, a former department head at the Djibouti Chamber of Commerce and the daughter from Kadra Mahamoud Haid's first marriage with Abdallah Kamil, is making her way in the business world. Having already teamed up with the daughter of Ismail Omar GuellehFatouma-Awo Ismaïl Omar, in MediaGroup/Canal+, she will soon be moving into the selling of vehicles, including to the Djiboutian regime, through K&G Global. She is following the lead of her half-brother Liban Omar Guelleh and owner of Cemex, which imports vehicles from China.

According to our information, Nazli Abdallah Kamil is set to secure an exclusive concession for Mitsubishi and Chinese makes of car in Djibouti. She will thereby be directly competing with the Suzuki importer VAMC Djibouti, run by Gianni Rizzo, and the Nissan and Peugeot dealership, Anciens Comptoirs Ries, not to mention Groupe Marill, which has been present in Djibouti since 1896 and is owned by the brothers Luc Marill and Thierry Marill.

Marill Automotive - which deals in RenaultVolvo and Toyota vehicles in Djibouti - has already experienced difficulties with the authorities, having still not been paid for the vehicles that it sold to the state during the last presidential election. However, Marill Automotive is continuing to supply the Forces armees djiboutiennes (FAD) and NGOs present on Djiboutian soil.

Alerted to the growing clout of K&G Global, Marill Automotive obtained in a letter dated 31 January a guarantee from Toyota's director for sub-Saharan Africa, Kazuyoshi Tanaka, that it would remain for a minimum of two years the sole vendor of Toyota vehicles and spare parts in Djibouti (see HERE). A wise precaution to avoid being forced off the road…