Warsaxaafadeedka ururka SSE ee munaasibada 26.Jun

The Somaliland Societies in Europe (SSE) extends its felicitations to all the Republic of
Somaliland nationals at home and abroad on the occasion of the 59th Anniversary of the
independence and birth of the sovereign State of Somaliland on 26 June 1960
(Independence Day). Ever since the re-birth of the State of Somaliland as the Republic
of Somaliland on 18 May 1991 (Re-acquisition of Independence Day), 26 June and 18
May have been considered as national days meriting statutory holiday status for
celebrations and commemorations, and both will continue to be so marked for their
importance to the national identity, independence and territorial integrity of the
Somaliland people and country. Both days have special significance to the nation and, in
effect, reflect the two sides of the same coin that cannot be separated.


Halkan hoose ka akhri .