Twenty five thousand children taken away from Ethiopia though offshore adoption scheme

posted on Thursday, December 7th, 17

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 Offshore child adoption has caused a social crisis in Ethiopia; and there are cases where by adopted children were brutally killed.

Theoretically, legal provisions relating to Children who can not grow up with their parents for different reasons seem to encourage indigenous social arrangements. Offshore Children adoption was meant to be only last resort.

In reality, offshore children adoption was rather taken as a first option. Twenty five thousand children are taken away from Ethiopia in a matter of twelve years though adoption schemes, which caused a serious social crisis in the country, reported Shegger FM today.

Of the above indicated number of children given in offshore adoption, the addresses of only 7,000 children is known. Well over four hundred parents whose children are given away in adoption have appealed to foreign affairs and Children and women affairs ministry, apparently to no avail.

In January 2017, for example, The Daily Mail reported that the biological mother of Angelina Jolie’s adopted child from Ethiopia,Zahara, is pleaded to have access to her daughter.

There is a worse case scenario about adopted children too like in the case of Hana Williams who was killed by her American adopting parents.

Drafted Ethiopian Family law was submitted to the parliament in October which is expected to make it impossible for foreigners to adopt children from Ethiopia.


Standing committee in the parliament is working on proposed amendment. Also, a policy seem to be in the work to enable children get community based support in the country.

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